Hankie holder for an elegant weeper(2020)

Ceramics with Practicality, Anyway.

Functional Objects, 2020-

People generally perceive ceramics based on a stereotypical idea about its utility. For example, on the contrary to functional wares like cups and plates, ceramics devoid of pragmatic function provoke astonishment for their origin in clay; they are considered worthless objects irrelevant to everyday life.


I recognized such a phase of perception bearing a close parallel to the process of social assessment on community members when the 'functional' quality of ceramics is substituted with 'competency'. In the social structure, the competencies of individual members serve as the basis for skill standards to be assessed upon which an actual profit is generated depending on the level of competency. For example, accounting and finance competencies help define success in business or society roles, whereas empathy and fondness of smiling are less likely to be counted as core competencies. People with the latter qualities tend to be overlooked in society. 


Although my works are devoid of practicality as ceramics, as previously mentioned, the works I will be working on implement functions. I intend to christen the works 'Ceramics with Practicality, Anyway.’ Will people find it useless or useful?